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How to create a questionnaire and analyzed each question?

  • Always formulate questions as clear and simple as possible
  • If possible, rather than the type of answer "text" use "options" and specifying how the respondent can answer, respondents to expedite their completion, the ideal example is the question" What is your county? ". Instead of let user write name of each county, create answer type "options" and let only respondent clicks on the name of the county and goes to the next question
  • As an option, always use the opportunity "don't know", "other" so the respondent can not jams on an issue and thus did not close the questionnaire and thus have not received answers from him
  • Choose number of questions so the questionnaire is not too long for users and discourage the respondents.
  • Use the conditions for the issue. For example, if the respondent answers a question, that he has not a car, is irrelevant for him to answer the other question what is the brand of their car - for that is function in the list of questions, icon
  • Test the questionnaire to see its functionality.

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